Tips and Trick for DIY KPOP Concert Goods

Want to make some fashion statements for a concert?

or you just want to be unique when it comes to showing off your love for your biases?

Here are a few tips and tricks to help you ^^


You saw that one shirt an online shop was selling and thought that it was nice. But you want your own, something that only you (and maybe your best friend) will have and wear. The trick here is to look for a t-shirt printing store and have your design heat press. It’s simple and relatively cheap. Shop around for prices before you settle with your preferred supplier ^^



I did the Designs and layout; chibi were sourced through the internet. I used them but am not selling I hope I’m not violating any laws.

I will wear the OGS and SS5 manila shirts when I attend the concert (and I am so excited about it); 89 line shirt is just for casual wear (or to the mall)


but if you are feeling creative and you have experience with silk screen… why don’t you print your own?



Of course this is essential.. I don’t know where to get these but I did have a spare lightstick that was given to me as a gift but the cap fell off. So I redecorated it using Craft foam

Another thing you can actually DIY are Ribbon headbands!


I got a chance to buy one off the wet market and I was looking for a yellow one for OGS. Since I saw these plain yellow headband, I decided to use black felt and just add in my bias name and Infinite logo at the back. Cute, simple and easy ^^


If you want to make a stand, what about wear some classic statement head bands…

I did a tutorial for this ‘NAM’ star headband check it out!

Giraffe ears with Ryeowook tutorial

and some  of my other works

For SS5 manila



and for SS5 manila blue wedding project >>



If you want to show your love through words, go and make banners..

you can print on bond paper



but if you want to standout, make your own!

I printed mine on a tarpaulin>>



for SS5 Manila


^^ Hope this post gives you ideas for your own DIY kpop concert goods!








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