Prepare yourselves for Super Show 5 Manila

October 24, 2013 marks another history for PHELFS as Super Junior returns to the country to have their Super Show 5. The Manila leg is one of the most awaited events for most of us since Manila wasn’t part of the SS4 concert tour. The concert is on a weekday because of the jam-packed schedules the boys have and SM Town has schedule on October 26 so they did what they could to include Philippines as one of their stop.

So for some, it’ll be your 2nd and/or 3rd time; having been attended SS2 and SS3. But for first timers out there, maybe you need a little help on what to do and/or expect for SS5 Manila (and any KPOP concert in the Philippines)


SS2 and SS3 were both held at Araneta Coliseum. The place is great and it is near for most of us. Travelling to and from Cubao is convenient with different transport options.

MOA Arena is a popular concert venue and though a bit far for most of us, it’s still a good venue. I’ve been there once and the seat plan is a bit different from Araneta. The big difference is the premier suites at the MOA Arena situated between the upper and lower box sections. So there is a big gap between the sections, clearly separating the two sections.

Transport terminals are everywhere MOA Arena so I guess we can all go home after the concert. If not, check in at nearby hotels^^


Lower box A and VIP are the closest to the stage but other seats are good too if you are near the center. Gen Ad people, you are most likely to see them as well, the stage is around 5 ft high and the boys are around 5’8” so you can still see them.

Back in SS3, I was at the GEN AD section and though it was way up, I still saw how handsome they were. Also, three huge LED screens were placed near the stage so there’s plenty to look at ^^


SS5 is a big event and this time, e-plus and SM tickets are facilitating the ticket selling. All tickets can be bought online and thru SM Tickets found at SM Cinemas. E-plus is a co-sponsor and all tickets will be encoded to the e-plus card. Commemorative SJ E-plus designs with bonus loads will be released starting October 1 2013. For more info, don’t hesitate to ask any SM Tickets, Cinema or E-plus staff.

Note that tickets this time around are cheaper for VIP due to the design of the venue. SMTickets will charge additional 3% for their sales; entertainment tax is also included in the ticket price.


This is a pre-concert event but not all promoters and producers do this. The free-for-all event is like a convention where you can buy merchandises and Fan clubs distribute fan projects such as flyers and banners. It is likely scheduled 1 day to 1 week from concert date. You can actually meet friends and be able to set time and other schedules before the concert. You can also search for your seatmates. ^^

This is not a required event to attend to. You can watch the concert even if you did not attend the Fiesta. But for others, this is a great way to prepare themselves for the big day.


Blue or anything with touches of blue is actually preferred. Concert shirts and other SJ related shirts are the ‘in’ stuff but you can wear anything comfortable. Doll shoes and sneakers are your best friend! Don’t wear high heels if you don’t want your legs to die on you. There will be long lines and during the entire concert you are most likely to stand, so be comfortable with the clothes you are wearing.

I will not stop you if you prefer the stilettos, but don’t forget I warned you!

Head pieces are also welcome. Wear those headbands with lights and or those felt designs with your bias name written on it. Wear an animal bonnet or whatever you like; show off your uniqueness in any way you can. However, I would stay away from pointy objects that can poke or hurt your seatmates. ^^


For VIP, it is accustomed to stay overnight to be the first in lines. I don’t encourage this for security reasons but if you must go, ask for your parent’s consent.

Expect long lines although reserved seating can stay calm because the seats are yours and yours alone.

If you are alone, you can make friends with the person next to you and share your biases and just spazz!

Before you go in line, it is advisable to bring food with you… you need all the energy for the concert ^^

Gates would most probably open by 4pm (SS3 did) and concert will start by 7pm. I just hope that the incident during the Big Bang concert will not happen again.. ^^


This is made possible by the fanclubs dedicated to the boys and individual members. Right now, there’s a couple of projects laid out.

I know that you have your own biases but it is important that you participate to all projects. Most of the times, you are just going to hold out a banner for the member, easy peasy. But during the concert, some doesn’t even care to raise a simple piece of banner. It is ok to spazz and get wild but if you want to leave a mark on the SJ’s hearts, participate.

Just remember this, it’s hard to plan, harder to coordinate and hardest to execute. So remember the people behind the project who were working hard to let the boys know how much we love them.


Participate, donate, and be part of the Philippine Sapphire Blue Sea


It’s a must! At least learn the chants for From U, Mr. Simple and Sexy Free and Single.

If you know the song, well good for you, but if you have difficulty memorizing Hangul, at least just memorize a few words to shout out when the boys perform. Chants are encouraging to the performers as they know that the audience is involved and cheering for them.

But if you can’t chant along, wait for the right time to squeal and scream so that those who do know the chants can be heard.

As a general reminder, Heechul has his standard “Wooyoot bitkal Kim Heechul, Saranghaeyo Kim Heechul” that everyone chants when he introduces himself ^^

Remember, Practice makes perfect.


Any KPOP concert is not complete without the light stick. It is a must! Last time, ARENA confiscated Big Bang light sticks which is a bummer. But Ms. Happee Sy is not going to let that happen to SS5 Manila. Light sticks are silent confirmation that the boys are loved. Fill the Arena with Sapphire Blue Sea and you’ll be amazed and moved at how pretty the sight is.

Last SS3, I came without a light stick. Then the lights went out and Araneta was filled with the Sapphire Blue Sea; I was moved to tears. It was a beautiful sight! Looking at the blue filled Dome in pictures is great, but seeing it in front of your eyes is remarkable! To be honest, I feel jealous to those people with light sticks.

Where to buy? Online there are many KPOP retailers selling them ^^,

PULP and SM may release official Merch on the fiesta so there are plenty of sources to get them. Prices range from Php 100.00 for imitations to PHP 800.00 for official Korean goods ^^

As a note, it doesn’t need to be expensive, a simple blue light stick is enough to contribute^^

No black ocean ok? And I mean it.


I know some of you are going in groups and some in pairs, but for those people going solo, don’t fret: Talk to your seatmate, chances are you’ll be instant friends. It doesn’t matter who your biases are because after the concert, youre list will be all messed up.

You’ll be surprised at how you can talk so many things with a person you haven’t met before just because you love the same group^^


Taking fancam is a ninja skill. DLSR’s will be confiscated but you can probably bring in a small digicam. Just beware of the bouncers and be stealthy. ^^

A personal note: taking fancams need steady hands. If you are spazzing too much, you’ll end up with a shaky video and not to mention the audio will be all messed up (you’ll just hear screams XD).


Whatever you do, please be alert and stay safe. Your fellow ELFs may be friendly, but you don’t know about others lurking in the corners. As much as possible, be very vigilant. Keep valuables to minimum (Cellphones and wallets are essentials, don’t bring too many gadgets).  Prefer to bring a small messenger bag as you can keep this near you at all times.

For VIP section, be extra careful. People are going to bump into ou and push you to all directions so better prepare your helmet and armor; Just be aware that you might end up getting bruises^^


NUMBERS ARE NOT IMPORTANT! Remember these fellow PHELFS, Philippines is a 15 country, so from Leeteuk to Henry, everyone is important.

Back in SS2 Manila, Zhou mi had his first SS solo stage and Henry made his twitter after SS2 Manila. We love everyone (even their manager^^~). So keep your light sticks on and wave those support banners for HenMi.


Emphasize on LAU. Because last SS3 manila, Henry shouted that “YOU GUYS ARE THE LOUDEST” and yes we were. From start to finish, the screams were unlimited, I’m sure they became deaf. Loud cheers motivate the boys to perform better.

During Henry’s solo, he was really happy to perform, Heechul was just hyper and the rest were all smiles. Yesung was really surprised when we sang along during his solo. These ‘loud’ gestures make the boys feel really appreciated.

Learn the chants and even though the member performing is not your bias, go on and cheer for them. Make each and every member happy by giving them applauses and screams.


Song list would most probably be similar to SS5 Seoul unless they’ll change it for some reason. I remember SS3 Manila included Hyukjae’s Down solo ^^ it was unexpected same as Zhou Mi’s solo in SS2 manila ^^.

Henry might probably perform Trap (praying for an English version) or if the fanaccount is true, maybe a Tagalog song.

Some songs I wish they can include:

  • 1-4-3 acoustic version, SJ can sing it with Henmi while Sungmin and Henry can play the guitar. It’ll be nice like a little jamming session. Add it a couple more acoustic SJ songs and it’ll be wonderful ^^
  • Any Tagalog song – It’d be memorable ^^
  • More SOLO performances
  • Heechul for the cross dress part~ it’ll be epic ^^


Super Show and most concerts have general pattern and content: VCR, Talk and songs.

Unlike SS2, SS3 and SS4, SS5 have very little solo performances but the great part about SS5, Henry and Zhou Mi have more stage time^^ (kya~)

Get ready to party! It’s as wild as it can get. Your seats will be neglected as you all stand and dance and cheer and yes… no one cares if you are crying or not because everyone can relate to you.

Enjoy this moment with the boys; we are all part of it.

FOR VIP and LB A and B, you can most probably throw gifts on stage.. but not those sign boards ok? We don’t want the recurrence of the Heechul accident way back in SS3. Ryeowook would love the giraffes, Donghae would love the fishes and most probably, they’ll love Dried Mangoes ^^


Every performance is a highlight but I know everyone is waiting for the Marry U Blue wedding project (hint: it’s blue hahahahah ).

As a general rule, these are most likely applicable to other KPOP concerts as well.

So see you guys on October 24, 2013 and fill MOA ARENA with Pearl Sapphire Blue Sea ^^

Side note: Infinite is confirmed to have One Great Step Manila by November 2013 at the Araneta Coliseum so Inspirits be prepared and get your hands on the yellow light stick for the 7 member group.



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