just another thought…


well here i am browsing Henry’s Trap Teaser and Congrats to 600k views in one day.. Impressive ^^

Also I would like to comment on the support messages of SJ to their baby mochi.

Henry comming out with his solo song is really surprising but most awaited. And I think SJ has been really looking forward to this day. They worked with him ever since he was just accepted in SME and they have considered him as part of the SJ family. Seeing how excited and happy Henry’s hyungs are make me want to cry out of pure joy. it only shows how strong the brotherhood SJ have.

Henry will forever be their baby mochi and I think Leeteuk is really happy right now to see how one of his babies had grown and now have a chance to prove his talent to everyone.

And a side note on those people who are bashing Henry:

The same lame excuse

1. He is ugly -> really? I don’t think so… he is very good looking. I don’t think SME would invest on an artist who isn’t going to appeal to the shrieking fangirls

2. He has no talent – What?! are you blind and deaf? or just plain brainless?
It is a given that Henry can write a resume and filling it with a long list of what he can do! Besides the obvious talent in singing and dancing, he has a knack for playing instruments and even moved to composing and producing music. the thing with Henry is, he is working hard to improve himself, including learning different things

3. He won’t read comments – oh yeah.. how many times did Henry reply to tweets and even comment on YT? a couple of times.. He is a native English speaker and he understands not only english but several other languages.. so don’t be so confident about him not understanding the vulgarity and stupidity of your comment

and to those bashing henry.. oh please, consider checking your comments a thousand times before posting it.. because it shows the immaturity and insecurity that you have.. Can’t you accept the fact that Henry is being supported by not only Strings and ELF but other fandoms and most especially his SJ hyungs..

>another opinionated me<


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