A note on trolls (from my FB Status)

Oh please when will this stop? Why would you hate on someone who is just doing his job as an artist?

First and foremost, I despise Haters because they are just ill mannered and plain rude. The thing is, If you hate on someone or some group, ignore them and don’t watch their videos.

Back then I didn’t like Boyfriend and seriously, I would flinch at the sound of their debut song. But did I leave nasty comments on their YT? no.. because I respect them as persons who are trying their best to reach their dreams. heck, I finally gave them a chance.

So why are some fandoms trolling on Henry?! 

Is it because SME released Henry’s teaser right after your Idol’s comeback? 

Will it make a difference? Maybe yes, maybe no.

But Henry has his own fanbase, your idols have their own fanbase. 

Is Henry such a threat? Because the only logical answer to my previous question is that you find Henry as a threat.

Whatever came to SME’s mind to release Henry’s teaser, we won’t know till they speak it out loud. But they are still business minded people. Maybe because Henry’s projects are line up as his Movie release is slated to be released by the next half of 2013 and that SS5 is still on going. Wouldn’t it be a great opportunity to launch Henry’s singing career when he’s pre-occupied with a lot of stuff?

Bottom line here.. son’t troll on videos because you give your idol and yourself bad reputation. 

As for me.. you don’t see me watching your idol’s videos because I am not interested. And I don’t see them as threat to my fandoms. Because I know how my idols worked hard to reach their goals.. I am contented seeing them happily perform for their fans all over the globe.


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