New Hair! Thanks to @Tonyandjackey

So after 1 year I decided to style my hair~ 

I went to Bang’s Tony and Jackey SM Fairview because i got so envious of my cousins’ new hairstyle and since my aunt would be having hair rebonding done there.

So as per my cousin’s suggestion, I got Ms. Yuki as my stylist. Since they don’t have the promo for the digital perm, I opted for a haircut instead. Then the assistant there suggested that I get the keratin treatment since it’s on promo, instead of 1700 for a keratin and cut, i get to pay 1000 only.. so I said yes.




So Ms. Yuki attended to my hair and asked for a style. I Said I wanted a mid-length with bangs. She asked if I want a straight or layers. I said Layers would be fine. She was very precise with her cut and I appreciate that she makes it a point to make both side symmetrical.

When she was doing the final touches, she asked me if I would want volume because having straight hair would just be flat. I told her that it will cost me 4000 pesos because its not on a package promo. She computed for a while since I already got the Keratin treatment, then she told me that I would only pay 2,500 for the whole service, Keratin, cut and digital perm. I asked my cousin if that’s a good deal, and she’s ok with it. then I asked my aunt if she could lend me 1k bec. I only had 1500 with me, she agreed. So I got my digital perm.




So that’s me with the octopus thingy contraption. it’s quite enjoyable but not too pretty to look at.

After a couple more washing and extreme blow drying… I have my new hair full of volume!

I forgot to take a picture with Ms. Yuki but she did a pretty good job with my hair~ 






and earlier today here is my pic after washing and drying my hair.







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