[fanaccount] Boyfriend and KCC Hallyu Fest 2012


credit jhengchie and leave a comment where you’ll be reposting this~ thanks

I attended  the KCC Hallyu Fest 2012 at MOA last July 28, 2012.

I waited for my sis to get home at around 1pm before we went to MOA. We took a bus and it took almost 3 hours for us to get to MOA. THere were a huge crowd and it seemed that the tickets were all out. i have to make my way near one of the guards and talked to them to let us in, because i have a VP Ticket reserved and showed the text confirmation that i do have a ticket reserved. Fortunately, a fellow cosplayer was there and we were able to get in.

We were ushered inside and a KCC staff led us to the left side of the stage. My eyes focused on the persons on stage and guess what, Boyfriend was there for their rehearsal. I was starstruck! The first member i spotted was Youngmin^^

Fancam wasn’t allowed during rehearsal but i managed to get a minute of their lovestyle rehearsal.

Ok.. they were really handsome in person! After their rehearsal for lovestyle, they were talking to each other in Korean maybe for their blocking and stuff ( i just guessed). then they rehearsed Boyfriend.

I didn’t take a fancam but just watched intently.. during the part where Minwoo was supposed to be pulled by Donghyun from behind, Minwoo wasn’t able to get through and ended up crawling his way out. The boys ended up laughing but continued to dance. After that they waved to the few people inside and went backstage. We clapped of course.

One thing that caught my eye is how good looking they are.. and Minwoo is really adorable and he wants to be close to their fans^^

and it felt like a private performance for the few people inside the place^^

At the start of the Hallyufest, Boyfriend members were called out. But before that, they were flashing videos of the people inside, when the MC called out boyfriend, the cameraman zoomed in on me holding out a “I♥Boyfriend” towel, i don’t know if the boys saw that ^^


So the boys walked out from the right side of the stage and went to the back to sit at the judges table. The Filipino Bestfriends are so loud, i think the boys went deaf XD but i think they appreciate that.. but sometimes they were just too much..

Anyway, the cover groups performed first in line was X-crew who covered Super Junior, then Se-Eon who cover Exo-K, H3at who covered Exo-K and last for the first batch was Majic A who covered Sistar.

I was glancing at the back for their reaction but it seems that the boys were really serious about judging.

after the first batch, the MC asked for a few words from the judges. Donghyun commented for the groups, X-crew and Se-eon. He said that he was impressed with X-crew covering a respected senior and they did a good job. then he said that Se-Eon gave out a really powerful performance.

Hyunseong then commented for H3at and Majic A. He said that it was hard for boys to perform such powerful dance from Exo-K and it’s harder for girls (h3at was an all female crew) so he was impressed. Then Hyunseung commented about Majic A. Sistar was their agency’s sunbae and they were surprised (and amazed) at how guys performed Sistar’s song.

Then there were Raffle and more dance covers.

The next round of cover groups were Canji who covered Teen Top, Boys on Fire who covered 2NE1 and Hana Kara who covered Kara

Jeongmin commented for Canji and Boys on Fire then Youngmin commented for Hana Kara. Jeongmin said that Canji performed just like Teen top and they were good. Then he said that Boys on Fire were really amazing  and they were able to connect with the audience (If i remembered this right). Youngmin said that he felt like KARA was performing and they were all sexy.

there was a tribute for the Koreanovelas which started the Hallyu wave in the Philippines and at one point of the performance, the boys (which jeongmin and Hyunseong supposedly started) waved their hands along with the music^^

The last batch of cover groups were Generation Next’s Donaye who covered Exo-K, Super Simple, 9 Dragons and Elfinity  all covered Super Junior.

Kwangmin commented for Donaye and said that he was impressed by her, then he said that he  Super Simple were able to embody the characters of each Super Junior member.

Minwoo said that he liked the teamwork of 9 Dragons and he was impressed with Elfinity that he gave them the highest score.

After the dance covers, the boys went backstage to prepare. then the Best KCC moment and Koreanovela cosplay was held. The winners for the cosplay were

3rd: Buyong of rooftop prince

2nd: Kim Yoon Shik

1st: Young DongYi and Prince Goon

Then Boyfriend Performed Lovestyle!

After that there was the Talk part

The screams were loud and you can notice Hyunseong constantly signalling the fans to be quiet. And Most of the time, it’s Jeongmin or Donghyun  who talked. Minwoo got the loudest scream.

Important notes about the talk part.

1. They are excited to meet fans from around the world ^^

2. Love Style is about the things that they can do for their Fans and Girlfriends (i think the translator mistook the  fansclub name for girlfriend).  In short, it’s their love for their fans. then the boys pointed to random people from the crowd

3. They were honored that they were loved by Filipino fans

4.  They were amazed with the Cover dance participants!

5. Jeongmin recommends Kimchi!

6. Jeongmin recommends Han river, Kwangmin recommends Olympic Park, and Donghyun recommends Dongdaemun as best place to shop when asked what’s the best place to visit in Korea

7. What Korean word that we sshould all know? the fans shouted saranghae so Kwangmin did a heart sign. Then Jeongmin said Saranghae (in a very sweet voice) then added Boyfriend or Namja Chingu. MC said we should chant the 2 words altogether which we did. The boys gave approving looks, smiles and thumbs up^^

8.  Favorite Pastime or hobby? Donghyun said that their hobby is to talk to each other since they were all together everytime. When asked what are they talking aboout, Donghyun and Jeongmin started touching Youngmin’s skin.. so i guess it’s about taking good care of their song

9. Kwangmin said that if he’s not an idol, he’ll be a writer. Younmin said that he likes singing the most so he’ll probably still be a star XD

10. When asked which artist they’d like to work with, Donghyun said that they want to work with Super Junior.

11.  Minwoo’s Fave track in their album is Don’t touch my girl and Jeongmin’s fave is I’ll be there

12. Kwangmin answered that his  ideal proposal was saying saranghae.. then every member said saranghae while doing heart signs^^

13. Donghyun said that their best gift to their girlfriends were singing their songs^^

14. When asked truth or dare, Minwoo said truth but we shouted dare.. so he agreed..

Then Boyfriend Performed Boyfriend

Then they left the stage. MC called out Bestfriend PH officers to handout the Kcon trophy and cake for Minwoo

We all sang Saengil Chukahamnida and at the start, it looked like Minwoo was clueless XD. then they handed a big blue Cake for Minwoo and smaller ones for the other members. Then they took a group picture with the BFPH (I am jealous!)

Then announcement of winners.. tied in first place were Elfinity and Se Eon then the grand prize winner is Boys on Fire who didn’t believe it at first. Jeongmin was all jumpy and gave the Boys on Fire a jumping group hug, to which the other members joined in. Minwoo shook hands with Elfinity.. i think he really liked those adorable girls^^ I do too!

and that’s it~ i’ll be posting a separate post for the dance covers~ ^^


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