[poem] Xie Xie Ni (Thank You)


Thank you…

            …for the chance to meet you

            …for the countless days i spent with you

            …for the smile you brought to my face

            …for the spark of hope you brought to my life

            …for the words “i love you”

            …for making my heart beat fast

            …for the laughter you’ve shared

            …for the chance to show i care

            …for the messages sent and replies received

            …for hearing your voice even when you are far

            …for your existence


            …for the hurt and the tears

            …for the realization

            …for making me move on

            ….for teaching me to be stronger

            …for the freedom

            ….for the courage

            …for the chance to love again


“xie xie ni zai wo shen ming de zhu liao, zhi dao ni li kai wo”

Thank you for cominng into my life, and the joy of knowing you

                                                            – lines from fang shou (let go)

jhengchie 12.02.03

* trans of the song not acurate wahahah


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