[poem] Fang Shou (let go)

Staring at pictures filled with memories

Trying to hold back the tears bound to fall

Suppressing the pain in my heart

As thousands of questions run through my mind

I knew you’ve always wanted a better life,

One that excludes me.

Being far, being distant,

They are not enough reasons, there must be something deeper.

To fall in and out of love

Is like a game children would play:

One will be victorious,

The other will weep in defeat.

In this game, I knew,

I was the one who’ll end up crying.

But thank you for your existence,

And the chance to love you.

The freedom that you’ve always wanted

I’ll give to you with an open mind and a forgiving heart.

Be happy, be blessed, and be loved

I only wish you the best.

The courage to move on…

The strength t to pick up the broken pieces…

The will to smile again…

They will come in time…

But not now…

Not today…

Maybe someday…

“Ni shi wo hui fangshou”

(I will let you go)

–Β  Fang shou (let go)

jhengchie 12.02.03


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