[letter from a string] dear @henrylau89

I am writing to you to ask for a simple request.. I know that this is somehow a bother but this would really make my sister very happy.

On October 11, you will be celebrating your 22nd birthday.. on the same day, my sister Jeymee (@mhengzhie) will also celebrate her 18th bday.


Coincidence? maybe.. perhaps..

But I would want to say that you are her 3rd bias and that you both have super tiny chinese eyes.. back when we were younger.. she tried to learn Violin.. (but now she forgot about it though)

if you could greet her on that day.. I would be very thankful~~ btw she is admin of @welovehenry (a fanbase for you)


I’m really happy to see you actively participating this year.. and would really want to see you again.. I hope you’ll get a chance to got back to the Philippines.. maybe not for concerts or anything.. maybe for some relaxation.. Our country has some great beaches and tourist spots~~ ahaha I hope you’ll get the chance to enjoy the beauty of Philippines and Filipinas ^^~

More Power and God Bless~~

Henry Fighting!

Written with love~

Chie (@jhengchie) admin of @welovehenwook


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