Random Outburst

September 1..

Do you know this date is very special to me?

September 1..

Semptember 1, 1990 – that was my parents’ wedding day.. and this year.. it was supposed to be their 21st wedding anniversary.. in a few more years.. they’ll reach their silver anniversary.. but alas.. last June, my dad passed away.. so this year.. there’ll be no special dinner.. and  my mom would probably cry as she reminisced those days when they were still dating..

and if that is not enough cause to be down..


September 1, 2011 – Super Junior will say good bye to their member Heechul. I know that it’s not forever, just 2 years and he’ll be back to face all those who love him. I watched SS3 Manila, and i was really happy to watch him perform with a smile on his face and energy radiating from his body. I know that Heechul oppa is not your typical good image idol, he has his bad temper that he admits, but deep down, he has a heart of a true friend.


Heechul, i do believe he is fragile.. and although we see Leeteuk being the one to cry a lot, i do believe he is much more stronger emotionally compared to Heechul. Have you read the stories about him being way too depressed when Hangeng left? yes he was.. and so it made me really think.. maybe if Leeteuk would enlist first, Heechul might not really take it.. Heechul is one of SJ’s strong pillars, but he will not be able to  bear leeteuk leaving first, He is after all, at least in my opinion, one of Heechul’s support.. So he decided to go first.. Leeteuk might cry a river.. but at least Leeteuk can handle himself and can still stand after his departure.. if Leeteuk enlisted first.. maybe Heechul won’t even have the strength to say good bye~


Written out of the sudden need to express myself..

~~ jhengchie


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