Daddy’s Little Girl

Daddy’s Little Girl.

When I was young, I would hear: I was Daddy’s favorite daughter.

In this premise I would want to write this little note; about Daddy’s little girl.

Being the first born, I was my daddy’s little girl for a long time: 3 years to be exact. I may not be the prettiest daughter but I am his little girl. I would recall my dad tell me how my first birthday preceded; that I was sleeping like a rock minutes before my party.

I am thankful for being born, and my dad took responsibility when my mom got pregnant. I am thankful to be considered as a blessing, more thankful that I was born on Christmas day, but even more thankful to be called Daddy’s little girl.

I am daddy’s little girl, but we are not rich in terms of money. Though we lack financially, we make up with our big family. I am daddy’s little girl because what I need, my papa would work hard to give. I am Daddy’s little girl, even though now, I’ve already grown up.

My Papa is just like any other dads that wanted to have a better future for their kids. He was born and raised in a big family, maybe that’s why we too have a big one. My papa wanted to provide for us and give us everything what his kids wanted: TV, internet, laptop… Though he may not provide it in a flash, he works hard to give it to us in due time.

Daddy’s little girl has already grown up and she recalls what her papa had been through to give her what she wanted. Daddy’s little girl knew how happy her papa was when she graduated kindergarten and received best in Math. Daddy’s little girl knew how proud her papa when his daughter graduated High School 2nd in rank. Daddy’s little girl knew how proud and delighted her papa when she passed her UPCAT. And finally, daddy’s little girl felt how much her papa was happy and proud to be at his daughter’s side when she received her college degree and did the ‘Paglipat ng Sablay’ as P.Noy delivered his speech.

Daddy’s little girl smiled widely as she dances with her papa on her debutante’s ball; she didn’t know it was her first and last father and daughter dance. How happy daddy’s little girl when she wore the ball gown and her papa danced with her with delight; for a night, Daddy’s little girl was a princess and after that night, she’s already grown up.

Daddy’s little girl is all grown up now and she has work to do for 5 days a week. Daddy’s little girl rarely sees her papa go home and welcome him with ‘mano’. Daddy’s little girl misses her papa’s proud smile when she said that she just sign a contract for her first job. Daddy’s little girl never knew how to thank her papa for being supportive of her.

Daddy’s little girl is all grown up now but she knows her papa has 3 other little girls whom his papa loved equally. It’s just sad that Daddy’s little girls can never dance with their papa again. Daddy’s precious little girls can never welcome their papa home with ‘mano’ ever again.

Daddy’s little girl will never forget her papa, not ever.. because she’ll always Daddy’s precious little girl.




Written by: jhengchie dated June 16, 2011

I will miss my papa..


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