I Wonder ~

There is this local show in my country that investigates a certain topic and tells the viewers about the different answers to a particular question. I decided to ask fellow ELFs some questions that boggles my mind and here are some of their answers^^

Q1 I wonder, what would you ask your bias when you get a chance to ask him a question? include bias name

how can you be so perfect?^^ – @VIPELFjz

Does ‘would you marry me’ count in? – @StayTrueToSuJu

would you want to share a day just with me?  Would you be mine forever, yesung oppa?  – @ychrs3525

i will ask him wither eunhae is really real i just wanna know for sure hyukiee -  @ELF13Liv

to Leeteuk oppa. Do you want to come back to Indonesia again? ☺ we’re missing you so much ☺ – @Rishaakun

can i be your wife? Hahha – @einneuq081315

kyu,will u marry me?? XD – @helloimkyuhae

"do you like me?" haha.. LOL..!! XD – @13_patricia_15

I will ask leeteuk what was his motivation to persevere in his trainee days. – @lovesnumber13

Would u love me back? Bias: hae oppa -  @TalkingWithHim

Henry why are you ninja recently? Hehehe – @Loui7391

Oppa, you are not a young boy anymore, so when will you think about looking for girlfriend and plan to marry her? @ana_indo


Analysis: Most of ELFS wants to ask our SJ oppa deul to marry them.. I do understand though~~ it seems that we have a tendency to be aggressive given only a chance to ask one question. we do want to ask something that can make our hearts flutter like ‘do you like me?’ ‘would you love me back?’ ‘will you marry me?’.

Q2 I Wonder, Do you or Do you not agree with SJ/M couples? state reason and fave/hate couple ^^


@VIPELFjz: #iwonder i do agree!my fav. couple is @shfly3424 and @AllRiseSilver YeHyuk^^ both of them are so cute!hm..and too sexy LoL

@ELF13Liv: i like the original couples more including zhoury

@aurora_sakha: @ i do agree,, my fav couple is Kyu n Heechul [is that accepted?] i really love both, the’re unique n gorgeous,,,

@RISKYULIA: i agree of course, but i don’t know the reason why ._. my fave couple is kyumi and *sorry* i hate kyumin couple .___.v

@balqishfly3424: of course i agree ^^ my fav couple yewon.they look so comfortable and i think the love each other too ^^,

Analysis: I guess most of you would want a pairing since these two are your top biases. Mine is really Henry and Ryeowook so I would really want them together since they are my 2 top biases^^ I understand that you have a particular pair that you like.. most probably the original 6OTP’s or the SJM pairings. I also understand that you would prefer one couple over the other and that when one person in the OTP that you favor belongs to another pairing, you tend to hate the other pairing. Example would be YeWook vs. YeWon, KyuWook vs. YeWook, HenWook vs. MinWook, Qmi vs KyuMin, Hanchul vs SiHan, EunHae vs Kihae. But at the end of the day, most probably we would want our oppas end up with their pairing other than with a girl wahahh ^^


Q3 I wonder,  Do you guys feel jealous when other ELFs get a chance to take pics with SJ or get replies for their tweets?

@wookolate: well duh xD

@beeeKRY: yeah definitely! 😦 and envious too but happy cos we can feel those elfs’ happiness too 🙂

@ychrs3525: Of course, admin

@ana_indo: ya sometimes

@aurora_sakha: absolutly,,, i wonder why i don’t have a chance to do that. I really2 wanna see those boys 5 cm away from my own eyes LOL

@ezzaANNAerni: ahhh super jealous!!! they must be very3 lucky!!!! aigooo >.<

@RenciaFlo  Never felt jealous, every ELFs have their own luck & someday i’ll get my luck too ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

@RISKYULIA: honestly.. yes, i’m jealous ._.

@kpopwingz:  of course

@balqishfly3424:  sometimes get jealous but always think that i have a chance to do that ^^ kekeke

@foreverelf21: yes!

@maysmicvmhwa:  Q3: yes, a little jealous… but I won’t feel jealous if that lucky ELF is my friend… I’ll congratulate her XD

@_jay_vee_:  not so. but a bit yes. i envy those elf.

@yun_angel: of course..

@Ifeellovesj:  of course

Analysis: Yes we do tend to get jealous but in the near future, we’ll all get our chance right? but damn having to see others take pics with our oppa deul is really envious.. but someday~ we’ll get our chance^^ So maybe when we are the lucky ones, others will be jealous of us~ so I guess the best thing to do is just be happy for them… and hope we’ll get ours to someday^^ wahahah

Q4 I wonder, What are your thoughts about SJ crossdressing? Have a fave mem to do that?


@kpopwingz haha it’s funny to see them crossdress but I don’t want them to keep doing it. Hm.. Minnie looks pretty as a girl

@foreverelf21 whoa! maybe they look soooooo beautiful. 😀 maybe ming or heenim. XD

@_jay_vee_:  it was so cute, hahaha! they were really look girls specially ryeowook. he really look feminine.

@beeeKRY: heechul! 🙂 seeing lady hee and him dressing up as a lady at intimate note, wow, really pretty! 😀

@Rishaakun:  Leeteuk will be sooo beauty *Q*

@Karenminnielee:  Sungmin is the best cross dresser 🙂

@ELF13Liv: i think min is best good looking in crossdressing

@balqishfly3424:  they look so beautiful , pretty , cute and i thk they more beautiful than a true girls . specially heechul ^^

@wfsabby:  Sometimes it freaks me out. It’s ok to crossdress as long as it is only for fun. Fave crossdresser, Heechul.

@MehmehJin: I’mma go with Min on this one 8D ❤


Analysis: Wahah I do think once in a while it’s fun to see them in a dress.. but honestly, I get disheartened because they all looks prettier than me wahah ^^.. Anyway I would agree Min and Heechul would make awesome girls~ Wookie and Kyu as well as Teukie would be awesome too~~ ^^o

Q5 I wonder if ever you marry your bias, what name would you give your child/ren?

@_rzbz:  with Yesung = Kim Jingri and Kim Dongwoon .

@OHMYJONGJAE: Lee Jae Eun  (with eunhyuk)^^

@cho_arumjjeje37: Cho Hyera ^^

@chanralau89: Chenry and Jovial lau! kekekeke

@ana_indo: Q5 : Kim Ye An (combination from ana n yesung) kkk

@TalkingWithHim: Boy: park heerin Girl : kim sahee bias: hae

@ayouwk: Q5. Yesung/Kimjongwoon >> KimHaNee or KimJongYu

@wfsabby:  Kim Sungrin (Ryeowook)

@aurora_sakha: Kim Heechul –> Kim Hee Ra (female), Kim Wu Chul (male)

@Mehmehjin: My god, It would be Henry. Oddly, I would like to call our daughter Emily if it be a son, Evan. ohgodembarassing T_T;

compiled by: @jhengchie (jhengchie.wordpress.com)

Cr. All Twelfs who participated.

The following are views of individual ELFs and does not necessarily reflect the majority or all of ELFS around the globe.

Please ASK for PERMISSION before reposting


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