Sign Up for Weibo/SINA tutorial

Hello there.. I know most of you would want to sign up in SINA or most commonly know as weibo because a lot of good stuff are there.. a new found HenWook Shipper CT wanted me to give this tutorial so I decided to make one for her and to you guys who would want to explore SINA.

My first tip for you guys is go and use Google chrome with built in translations so that you can partly understand what the people are talking there^^

And I’ll be doing this tutorial with screencaps~~ to help you go through it with ease~

Step 1: go to the SINA website

Chie (21)

Step 2: once you’ve clicked the green button you will be redirected to this page

Chie (22)

*enter your email address and desired password plus the verification code then click the green button to continue.

*You can use any email address here, yahoo and gmail works as long as you can open the email address that you’ve entered since you’ll be asked to confirm it


Step 3: You will be prompted that the email address has been registered and you need to confirm it. Click the green button

Chie (23)

Step 4: You will be redirected to your email provider. Click on the SINA message sent to your inbox and click the link on your email


Chie (29)

Step 5: You will be redirected to SINA’s information page, enter your details to continue


Chie (25)

For the location, what you do is find this 海外 (overseas)  the next field actually auto detects your country^^

Step 6: Suggested/Recommended users (just skip this part and click on the link  with the number 3.

Chie (26)

Step 7: You will be redirected to your Weibo account and start microblogging^^


To Log in is simple too..

Chie (21)a

Just enter your email and password than click the button just below it^^

Microblogging is just like twitter where you can type words in the box and click the button below it to post your microblog. Next tutorial is how to post status, pictures, videos and links to your weibo and how to change bg, reply to microblogs and more^^

WRITTEN BY @jhengchie (



2 thoughts on “Sign Up for Weibo/SINA tutorial

  1. Hi Jhengchie

    The tutorial is quality stuff, although the Sina website was changed a bit. My concern is that I’ve tried three times on three separate days to register an account with Weibo, yet it keeps asking for my mobile number. I prefer not to give it for now. I didn’t make any errors. Do you know if the number is now mandatory or perhaps you have a suggestion to bypass this? You have such a impressive blog. Thank you for your detailed work.

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