A Letter to the Future Me

(a letter written to the 25 year old Chie)

My Dearest,

How long has it been, 5 years to be exact; You are now 25, an age you were aspiring to reach even when you were young.


How are you? Have you reached your goals? Maybe yes, maybe no… As long as you did your best, I’m sure that’s enough. Earlier this day, I read the letter to you by the 11 year old girl who viewed her future as a simple picture of idealism as thought by her parents and family. Do you still remember her?

Let me remind you.

She wanted to get married at the age of 25. She wrote an advice to the girl she hoped to be after 14 years, the girl she envisioned to be happily married and with loving kids to take care of. She reminded you to look back at your youth, how happy you were with the simple joys of life and hoped that this will transcend through time and shall be passed on to your future children. Do you still remember her words rooted with values for a happy and blessed family?

What are your values now?

Maybe it changed a little. In 2002, that girl envisioned an idealistic future. In 2010, I hoped for a more realistic one.

I still hope of getting married at the age of 25, and now I even have a person in mind. But we both know that he won’t be the one you’ll marry, for he is a star admired by so many while you were a mere entity underneath the galaxy where he belongs; you two will never cross paths even if you try and wish for it to occur. And so in this sense that I expanded my views and accepted the fate that maybe marrying at the age of 25 isn’t really as important as being happy and successful: it isn’t a requirement but an option.

To be successful and to help my Family. I cannot recall how many times you’ve muttered that to yourself. No one hears your silent intention. I want you to remember this phrase always; not to dwell on the past but to recall why you wanted to work so hard in the first place.

I wanted to do a lot of things… You know that. But restrictions were set forth to make me work hard to attain them. By taking a step at a time, I, no we, we’ve acquired a lot of things we only dreamt of a couple of years back. Take this little joys in your life as stepping stones in attaining larger ones in the future.

Things can change.

It’s still indefinite: the future I envisioned isn’t that solid but if there is something I’m sure of, it has to be the foundation built in family values that you will hopefully carry in your heart. Whatever you dream now maybe the exact opposite of what I would’ve wanted or the extremes of what the 11 year old girl dreamed of, things are uncertain but I know that it’ll be for a better future, not only for you but also for your family.
Maybe after reading this you’ll look back at 24 years that passed and write a letter to the future you: the 30, 40 or 50 year old you. Maybe you’ll write an anecdote of what being 25 means to a girl who dreamed of marrying at the age of 25. As I’ve said earlier, maybe we’ll have different dreams but I feel that no matter what happens, I’ll always be proud of what you have become.


Written on December 27, 2010: 2 days after turning 20


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