[video] Super Junior KRY’s concert report by Arrirang

Super Junior KRY held their first concert last Feb 11-13, 2011 with ELFs that loved and praised the three powerful vocals of Super Junior. And Arrirang gave a special report about this trio who are not just an idol, but with a vocal prowess to match.

Briefly, The video is all about the concert and press conference held before the concert. there was an interview with Shinee’s Key and Taemin who confessed that this was their first time watching KRY perform and were anticipating their hyung’s performances. Ryeowook added that Lee Soo Man himself was present at the said concert. Kyuhyun said in his interview that the concert was made possible by the petition of fans who wanted KRY to have a concert, and thanked them for making the concert possible.


Yesung revealed that other members gave suggestions for the said concert and advised them to show off their individual talents such as Kyuhyun doing a parody of “kim Ju-won” ( a drama character) to which he was helped by gag master himself, Eunhyuk.


Solo performance highlighted were >> Kyuhyun’s Secret Garden OST ‘that Man’ , Ryeowook’s Home sweet Home OST ‘Smile Again’ and Yesung’s Cinderella’s sister OST ‘It Has To Be You’  (kya~~ KRY are all OST singers ~~ )


Also the members described their voice styles where in Yesung’s voice is  a bit husky, sorrowful and powerful that comes from the heart. Ryeowook’s voice is clear (just that?! it’s powerful too XD) and Kyuhyun’s voice is Soft, smooth and stable (SSS ^^).  The video also featured Ryeowook’s other side, that made people a little bit surprised but in a good way.


and finally, after all these years, Yesung thanked the two maknaes for the first time and showed how much he appreciated the two (so KRY shipper squeal^^)

cr. arrirangworld @ YT

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