SS3 Manila >> Cassey and her fanaccount [the lucky girl Heechul Kissed]


Remember the girl who Heechul kissed in SS3 Manila? well here is a video of her narrating her experience.

Cassey is apparently a Teukie, Hae and Heechul fan.. but her first love is Teukie. In the Video, she tells who her biases and why. she also mentioned giving Leeteuk a gift which is a Wings of Angel necklace. She also told that she received a ball from the members as a gift.


and here’s the cutest thing ever and I guess everyone will be jealous >> Heechul Kissed her lips, Donghae kissed her hand and Teukie shook her hand..


So I guess if you’re going to Super Show and have an adorable daughter, sister, niece or granddaughter like her.. maybe the boys will give her a kiss as well~~


the luckiest Pinay ever ^^

Video cr. mnaomisjh YT

Written by jhengchie

Take-out with Full Credits


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