UKISS Showcase in Medan Indonesia will feature Alexander for the last time

Due to the recent news of member change in UKISS, both Alexander’s and Kibum’s contracts were terminated by NH Media, however in UKISS’ showcase in Medan Indonesia, Alexander will perform for the fans one last time with the group he’s been accustomed with.



The concert was announced last January and was scheduled this saturday, March 5th in Mikie Holiday Hotel. Though the contract has been Terminated, Alexander will still perform with UKISS members for the last time, though Kibum won’t be joining them. The concert was not intended to be a “good-bye concert” for Alexander  but an accidental blessing since the concert contract has been signed prior to termination of Alexander’s contract.


So I hope everyone in Medan that will attend to this concert will give lots of love for Alexander and UKISS. I feel that it’ll be an emotional concert as it is Alexander’s farewell stage.. but I do hope everyone will have a great time.

In a lighter note, UKISS is scheduled to have their comeback with 2 new members with a ballad track.

Furthermore, the members are asked not to tweet until after the Medan concert, but I do hope every KissMe’s in the world can fully welcome UKISS and keep on Cheering for them~~


Latest Picture of Xander in Medan

Taken From: SOOMPI

Writtern by: jhengchie for welove_family



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