SJ-M TaiWanMei–> Loving Taiwan girls^^

Korea top band Super Junior’s subgroup SJ-M, besides holding a press conference on their new album when they visited Taiwan few days ago, their only schedule when they reached Taiwan was (also,) to do an exclusive interview with Hit FM, and (they even) revealed the inside story of the reason why (their) new album <Too Perfect> has a similar pronunciation to Taiwan girls (Note: pronunciation in mandarin= Tai Wan Mei), is because (their) manager wishes to marry a Taiwan woman.
SJ-M was able to drink their favourite bubble milk tea when they were having the interview at the radio station, (and) this makes the members very delighted, member Ryeowook who love drinking milk tea could not stop exclaiming in mandarin, "My favourite is bubble milk tea."
The first question members were asked in the interview (,) were the type of girls they considered <Too Perfect> from (the bottom of) their heart, Siwon stated, "The first glance must always be the eyes of the other party, (I) think that sincerity is shown in the eyes, any woman who has a pair of pure (looking) eyes, is a perfect woman."
Ryewook (who) has the sweetest mouth, stated "My fans are all perfect women", Eunhyuk who just joined SJ-M (as a new member) believes that "Women who love me, regardless of who they are (,) are (all) too perfect!" In regards to the similar pronunciation of (their) new album <Too Perfect> and "Taiwan girls" (Note: pronunciation in mandarin = Tai Wan Mei), Siwon revealed the inside story of his manager, (and) joked "That’s because our manager has always wanted to marry a Taiwanese women, thus this album(/song) name was used."
Meanwhile, SJ-M new album too (,) specially invited Asia top singer Jay Chou and Vincent Fang (,) this golden combination* to write the song <Love is sweet>; members admitted that this song "is one of a challenge". Eunhyuk who is in charge of the rap in this song revealed, "I was so nervous the night before the recording that I had insomnia, (I) even spent an hour or so before the recording, (and) did some tongue exercise."
Siwon added on, "Hope that this song will be able to show (everyone) another emotional side of Super Junior-M, also (I) hope that Jay Chou will like our version after listening to it."
*meaning a very good combination

Translation:~♡ 혁-fied @ SJ-WORLD.NET


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