Siwon and Donghae to start Filming for Gorgeous Stage this April


Late last year, News about Siwon and Donghae to star in the Taiwanese drama “Gorgeous Stage” alongside Arial Lin surfaced.

“Gorgeous Stage” is a Taiwanese Live Action Adaptation of the popular Japanese Manga and Anime ‘Skip Beat’

GTV( Gala TV) discloses that starting April, the two Super Junior stars will start taping for the series.

Siwon is to play the role of REN TSURUGA. the character is known for his gentle and kind persona. He practices professionalism and expects the same for everyone else around him. The Comic book connection of Ren Tsuruga to Siwon is their birthdays which February 10.

Donghae is to play the role of SHO FUWA. The Character is an extremely egoistical and talented person. the connections of Sho Fuwa and Donghae are their talent in singing, acting, dancing and over all performing.

Gorgeous Stage would be a drama to look forward to don’t you think? With Siwon and Donghae playing lead roles, I guess it’ll be fun to watch and they’ll be acting as super stars too… really cool^^~~


Written by: jhengchie for welovehenwook, weloveyesungie, welovehenry, and welove_family 



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