Henry thinks his hyungs are gay?


In the March 2 episode of SBS Strong Heart, Henry discloses that his first impression of his Super Junior Hyungs are somewhat gay.

This is due to the fact that in Korean Culture, boys tend to show skinship which is not a usual behavior of other cultures. In most places around the globe, boys who shows skinship is thought of gay.

When Henry first met Super Junior Members, they hugged him a lot, which surprised the young lad. he also said that among the members, Leeteuk was fond of butt slapping Henry; he is now used to this kind of treatment.

Henry added that he first thought Heechul was a a transgender due to his long hair. (recall U MV where Heechul was sporting a very long hair^^).

Henry also added that when he first met Lee Soo Man, he didn’t know that he was the president of the company and just said Lee-ssi (Mr. Lee). And Eunhyuk added that LSM replied casually and imitated him.

Written By: Jhengchie for WeloveHenWook, WeLoveYesungie, WeloveHenry, WeLove_Family

Credits: Taken from SBS Strong Heart Transcript by STRINGSWHENRY


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