[caps] Super Junior Members Tweets about SS3 Manila


After SS3 Manila last February 26, 2011, Super Junior Memebers tweeted about their experience in the said concert thanking PhELFs for their warm welcome and overwhelming support for the group

henry twitter
Source: @henrylau89

hee twt1

Source: @Heedictator

ryeong tweet

Source: @ryeong9

Trans by: hyoimieholic@sj-world.net

Taken From: sup3rjunior wordpress

teuk  tweet

Source: @special1004

Trans By: @ASHKooKoo


Source: @shfly3424

Smile All Caps are taken by: jhengchie for WeloveHenwook, WeloveHenry WeloveYesungie, Welove_family and Chie_fanfic



2 thoughts on “[caps] Super Junior Members Tweets about SS3 Manila

  1. 안녕친구! 😀

    I was going through some fan accounts of SS3 and found yours from the pile of FAs. ᄏᄏᄏ

    Is it okay if I reblog this.. I will give you proper credit. 😀

    Excited much for SS5… my first time and I am hoping to see tweets like this ! Hoping that Heenim’s first SS5 appearance will be in Manila! 😀

    Are you watching? Hope to meet you there! 😛

    • Hello there^^ Thank you for finding my post interesting.
      Yes you may use it.. just add in credits ~ and a link bank to this original post

      hhaahha I’m really excited to see all of them.. last SS3, Zhoumi wasn’t able to atten.. but this year.. I hope there’ll be no visa issues.. I wantto see him and Kangin ^^ And of course my other biases (henry and ryeowook)
      I am really praying Heenim would join the manila leg, he’s just super hyper last ss3 and i would love to see him again!

      And yes I’ll watch SS5 ^^ i wouldn’t miss it^^

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