SS3 Manila Fanaccount part 1

SS3 Manila Fan Accoount

Jeysee Hong

@jhengchie for @Welovehenwook, @weloveYesungie, @weloveHenry, @welove_family @weloveqmi and @chie_fanfi

Note: this maybe Henry, Ryeowook, Yesung and Heenim biased XD



Before the concert.. what happened?

well you can skip this part

You might be wondering how I ended up watching SS3.. It took a lot of prayers and a facebook post^^.

I am planning to graduate this April and after hearing about Henry’s solo in SS3.. I was dying to go to SS3 Manila. I actually tweeted and posted in my FB Wall

Pwede bang graduation Gift na lang ang SS3 ticket?

(Can my Graduation gift be SS3 ticket?)

My Cousin Achie Cath took notice and asked me how much the ticket was, I told her that the Upper B center tickets were 3,100. She replied sating that she’ll sponsor half of the ticket price. I was so relieved and happy and I could literary jump for joy. When I got the money, unfortunately all seats were taken except for general admission, for me it’s better than nothing right?

I never really told anyone in my family except for my mom and 2 sis for I know they won’t let me attend the concert. I only revealed to them last Feb 25, the night before the concert, that I was indeed attending a concern and on my own ahaha I’m that strong-willed to go~~^^ besides I’m already 20 so going to and fro Araneta is not that much of a hassle ^^

So my omma Lei (@weloveheenim) and Appa reg (@weloveteukie) also attended the concert and I was able to meet them along with zelle unnie (@88lines).. They are great people. We had a little chitchat about kpop and SUJU in Gateway before we go on our line. We shared a lot of experiences and I must say, I am so happy to be included in the @welovesuperjr and @welove_family as their member ahahah.


Lines.. waiting… and excitedly waiting

When we got in line, me and appa reg were both Gen Ad, we saw two ahjuma on the line, we thought they were accompanying their children but no way, they were SUJU fans and not to mention SIWON fans. Yup ahjuma with ages around 40-50 are Siwon fans LOL. When we got to our seats, we chose the left side where they were distributing I wanna love Hae banners. My seatmate was a mom and she asked

“Who loves Donghae, here..”

She was handing the banner to the younger ones, I thought she just accompanied her daughter. Then I told her that it was for the fanproject for Eunhae’s solo. She replied

“Oh.. ok.. Isn’t there one for Siwon?”

Oh my GOD!! The ahjuma is a Siwonnest XD I wanted to laugh.. . So we were waiting for about 3 hours and on the screen was this Super Show Manila logo. Yeah we got bored staring at that. Then the ads came and when Sanuk presented their ads, there was Sungmin, Leeteuk and 2 Heechul pics along with the other Korean stars; everytime SJ pictures where flashed, the crowd screams. Yeah real fun though after the 5th run we we’re really losing patience XD.

So back to the ahjuma seatmate of mine, her friend, another ahjumma visited her on her seat then they had a little chitchat and I was surprised to hear that the other ahjumma wanted Heechul for herself and even mentioning Heechul spotted in Makati Shangrila and tweeting.. LOL Ahjumma is not only an ELF, but a stalker wahahah.. The power of Heenim, Siwon and SUJU.. even ahjumma get hooked XD

There were songs being played and during Miracle and  some of the other songs, ELFs started singing along ang yeah were having a lot of fun just by singing along. When the lights dimmed, The light sticks were turned on and OMG!! Araneta was flooded with Pearl Sapphire Blue~~ the power of ELFS.. Manila experienced an ocean of Pearl Sapphire Blue, SUJU must be proud of the ocean ^^


Super Show 3 Manila is epic I tell yah!

(this is it.. I’ll try to be as detailed as possible to make you feel what I experienced that night so if this is lengthy, forgive me^^)

Then the opening VCR played and we all screamed~~ it was the start. The VCR featured the Philippine map and then SUJU appearing on Earth and like Super Hero type. Ok I was shouting and screaming my head off and when each member were introduced in the VCR, yeah all out screaming.. I was so engrossed at screaming and it was only the VCR.

So we could see the ring thingy on the stage and yes, the boys were there so they heard the screaming, I hope they weren’t deaf already XD.

So Donghae flew yes he flew which signaled the start of the performance and yes he heard thousands of Fishies scream for him ~~^^ and he could definitely see the blue Ocean wahahah. Then Donghae was lowered down,  so we were all screaming and shouting as the ring move up, revealing the boys who were kneeling down.. lol I forgot who is who.. but damn those boys are way gorgeous!!  and they did a dance break before Sorry Sorry and my heart was pounding fast, Here before me was 10 gorgeous guys dancing and they look super hot and cool and whatever adjective you could come up with to define perfection (omo SJM’s song ran through my head). They were pristine looking in White and as their close ups appear on the screen damn those boys are way perfect for words~~ I think I died already ahahah.

So they sang Sorry Sorry and all the ELFs started to sing along. I know that there were supposed to be fanchants, we did some of it but mostly sang along with the boys~~ at least they know we memorized the songs. Again more screaming for each members and yes they were really good looking. So sorry if all I say was good looking or handsome or whatever, those boys were too damn good looking ahahah. I just that feel that Wookie didn’t received as much screaming at the start.. Donghae, Heechul and Siwon got the loudest I think wahahha. I never really noticed Yesung until after the dance break (I’m not a good cloud T_T)

Anyway so in Sorry Sorry there was a dance break, Hyuk in the center and Hae and Shindong on the sides. The dance break is similar to the one the three did in the MBC gayodaejun. I’m positive about this coz there were jumps etc. Those three can really bust a move!! I mean it. So they ended up sorry sorry on the main stage, Heechul and Kyu were back to back at the center while the others were formed into a V.

Henry entered for Super Girl and I was like screaming as if it’s the end of this world.. It’s Henry and people were screaming for him ahahah.. my mochi is loved. So they did Super Girl Korean version, with the little remix thingy and dance routine.. pabo me I wasn’t able to record it.

Super Junior can sing and dance so powerfully, I can see how much it is a pleasure to watch them perform Super Girl. I can remember reading about Wookie’s low self confidence when dancing, hell no he did dance so well~~ Heechul too^^

In Super Girl, OH MY GOD!! Henry.. his voice was amazing and he is really hot and gorgeous and yeah.. not much Henwook coz they are in the ends of the stage.. too far for Comfort! But anyway having that disregarded.. Super Girl was really fun to watch, and we were singing along too.. and yes the only lyrics we could sing is “Oh MY Super Girl “ XD wahahah still it’s a good way to make them feel that we tried our best wahahah.

Henry left after the chorus and the others continued to sing, Henry came back after the bridge as the members walked along the isle to the stage in the near front. Damn Close up on Henry was fantastic, I was screaming so much, even the girl at my back was screaming “Ang gwapo ni Henry!!” (Henry is Good Looking ^^). So there I was almost dying with Henry’s hotness.. though I prefer his hairstyle in SS3 Singapore(the one Heechul and Hyuk was sporting in SS3 manila), hell he was hot.

So that ended Super girl and so did my heart beat.. LOL ^^ But it was really revived with the Next Song.. Don’t Don. In here.. well just as usual, it became a sing along.. I don’t think Suju would mind XD we were so loud I can only hear screaming, but hell those voices were so good ^^ wahahah I was dying watching them. SO they were all hot and good looking and dancing to Don’t don.. what more can I ask.. well that is Trax, Henry and Heechul. Yup, Hee played the drums.. and he did well I tell ya!! Henry was rocking it out with his violin and everyone, or maybe it was just me, screaming so much how gorgeous that piece of Mocheeks ^^ Jay of Trax is good looking too and his voice was awesome~~ yeah they rock it out so good we were all screaming wahahah. there were pyrotechnics and  some members were hoisted up at the same time ^^ kya~ so hot ^^ what a great way to start the show right.. 3 explosive numbers ^^

Wrong!! For the 4th song was another explosive number wahahah ^^ No Other^^ Siwon.. my super prince Siwon was all good looking and looking damn too perfect for his own good started to sing and yes everyone sang along.. OH MY GOD, perfection exists in SIWON!! Yes he is a living work of art!! So everyone was singing along and Yesung appeared on the screen.. and I was like OMO!!! YESUNG!!! My YESUNG!!!”

Yeah screaming so hard at how Yesung could be so hot and cute and irresistible.. omo I want to take him home XD. Then Ryeowook sang his line.. everyone was singing along and cheering for him.. yeah I was screaming his name wahaha~~ OMO that Guy is too gorgeous: I like his hair in SS3 Manila, suits him ^^

So Donghae sang his part. Yeah we were all hyped as we sang along. He looked so cool^^ and I was thinking of my sis who is a Haebiased. Omo that guys is really really really gorgeous. Then Kyuhyun sang and we were all screaming and singing along. His close up was perfect and his voice amazing ^^~~ Kya.

Ryeowook sang the chorus again then Heechul and we were again screaming and singing along .. Gosh how can they be so good looking. Wookie was pretending to search for someone when he was singing his lines then he pointed at the far side of the coliseum. Hee was really gorgeous when he sang ahah.

Then in Hyuk’s rap, Donghae suddenly approached him and hugged him from the back, Hyuk then glanced back to Hae and we were all >> EUNHAE!!!!!!! Yes those two never fail to make us really happy. EUNHAE IS DAEBAK!! And if you’re not shipping them.. think again this couple is like super amazing XD.

So I guess my memory lagged after that Eunhae fanservice. Shindong rapped and we were singing along with the saranghae Oh naegeneun o

Ahah next up is member intro. There were subtitles in their intro VCR and Heechul was Up first, When he came out he was chanting UYUBITKKAL KIM HEECHUL! SARANGHAEYO KIM HEECHUL!

And all we can chant was Saranghaeyo Kim heechul XD I forgot what he said next coz of the scream, Next introduced was Siwon. He was wearing this Blue coat and holding a red cloth just like a matador. He spoke in English if I remember correctly he was thanking us or he was asking us to enjoy SS3.. hmm again not so sure~~

Up Next is Kyu and when he came out, Siwon Took his red cloth and put it on his collar like a bib (lol at this KyuWon interaction. Kyuhyun said in perfect and straight English “Hello Everyone, I’m Gyuhyun. Thank You” He must have been Henry’s Student LOL but his diction was really good wahahah.

Yesung came out, covering his face with this feather hat and then he shouted HI, everyone responded with Hi. He then said HELLO and we screamed Hello. Then he said something in Korean which we didn’t understand LOL. We were expecting him to say something again then he just stopped and walked to the center of the stage, we all laughed.

Ryeowook came out next and he was wearing this black coat wahahah.. and he walked to the center of the stage and said “I love You All” His English was perfect too and I am screaming I love you too ~~ wahhahaah it’s not every day you hear your bias say it to you wahaha (ok he said that to everyone but we can pretend that he said that to me or to you wahahh ).

Sungmin came in next, he was holding a Toy Guitar and he said Thank You for coming. Well we screamed at him, he was so gorgeous and adorable.. Oh My Min is super cute. I think I screamed thank You as well, thank You SUJu for visiting Philippines ^^

Next was Eunhyuk and we lolled at his VCR then when he came out he Screamed “WAZzUP Philippine” and yes we screamed and I raised my thumbs up signaling I’m very much ok!! Ahah I know he can’t see it but I feel like doing it XD. So he added. “You are so Gorgeous” >> well if I’m not mistaken he said it here.. or if not then during the other half of the show ^^

Donghae came out next and he was wearing this black hat and he did a little dance break and pointed to the other side of the stage. When he was introducing himself, Siwon hugged him or something. Yeah HaeWon was cute. I forgot what he said but it’s in English I guess.

After Hae is Shindong and that guys isn’t that big.. just a bit chubby but he is charming. If I were Nari I would definitely say yes when he proposed ^^ so Shindong said “I am Shindong” though I would have preferred him speak tagalog wahahha but what is to demand XD

Last to appear is prince Teuk. He was really funny and his dimples were absolutely fantastic XD So Teuk asked if anyone wants water and he gave out 2 bottles of water.. even though it’s only bottled water, I may never drink it and preserve it till the day I die.. so whoever got those bottles.. OMO you are lucky XD.

So they did the URINEUN SYUPEOJUNI-O-E-YO! And we should be chanting URINEUN ELPEU-o-e-yo but then again all I did was scream sorry..

So they did confession and the boys were all out and running and having fun as they sing and just going crazy. There were much Chaos in there.. I do remember some YeWon Yehyuk, YeHae and HeeWook. Eunmin I think so too. And at this point, I would really hate Yesung for not having YeWook but then again who am I to demand LOL.Oh there is also HeeDong ahahah i think Heechul was saying something or what to Shindong ^^

So after confession was Good Person and I think this is where they took the selcas and took the posters and Stuff. Eunhyuk took a wanted poster so cute. And Shindong took a Siwon poster, the one with the abs thingy and hold it up on his body. Donghae did the same thing LOL it was funny. Then they were all bubbly and happy as they go round and round the stage and there was commotion everywhere. So they had a really good time I guess. Some of them help toy roses I think Heechul took one. Then Hyuk took a HYUK fan and even gave one to Heechul or Sungmin OMO I forgot, but he threw it later. Ahah  I had a good laugh.  Oh Teuk actually handed a towel to someone in the VVIP seat on the left. And yes.. those girls are lucky ahaha.  Kyuhyun took a selca omo so close>.<

So after that it’s Rokkugo. SJ-T was full of energy as they sing and Heechul was all out. His voice is really good and they were having a blast performing that song. We sang along and even chanted the Malhemar stuff ahahah. Ok so the highlight of Rokugo was during near the end, Leeteuk, Shindong, and Hyuk (I think Min went a long too) lied on their sides and they did this leg exercise thingy ahahah and Heechul was looking at them, wahaha so cute. Then when the boys stood up and it was Heechul’s part of the song, He lied on his side and did the leg exercises LOL Heechul was a super hyper baby out there. The leg exercises I was pertaining to was the one where you lie to your side then lift your leg up and down. Oh gosh they were so funny.

SJ-KRY VCR was a mellow one and it talked about remembering 5 years ago? And it featured KRy going back to the places when they were kids and remembering what happened that made them who they are today. It featured kids that played and laughed and did all sorts of things. And oh my god, they looks so handsome and it looked a lot like a movie trailer so if any station would want to cast these three hotties in a drama I would definitely watch it XD.

After the VCR was a set of Solo songs, first up was MinWook and Sungmin held out a guitar while Ryeowook sang. Ryeowook’s voice was absolutely perfect and amazing and fantastic. When you here the CD version, and compared it to his live, nothing much has changed, his voice is too damn perfect it doesn’t need any take 2 or editing wahahah. So Min is really skillful in playing his guitar and I have to admire both MinWook for that performance. It’s mellow I know but you can feel their passion and talent in singing and performing just by watching them. Of course we sang along in the chorus and cheered him off, and boy is he that happy.. He said thank you after his song, if I remember that correctly.

Right after him is Kyuhyun and yes Kyuhyun is just like Ryeowook when it comes to singing. Though they have their different styles, Kyuhyun’s voice is so fantastic and flawless.. if you were there you’ll have goose bumps hearing them. He sang a Chinese song which I only recognized with the line wo bu zhidao ahahah up till now I don’t know the title of the song; gosh major fail XD. I’ll tell you this, if you loved Kyu for his voice, damn you’re absolutely right about it ahahah.. and not to mention this good looking guys is just super hot XD ahahahah

OMG.. Eunhyuk’s solo I think this came before Sungmin’s part I wasn’t really sure coz I was all hyper to see him have his solo. So Anyway, Hyuk came out and I thought he was dressed as a bird for he had a cape with hood LOL. So they did a dance break and I screamed like.. “OMG HYUKJAE HAS A SOLO!!!” So we chanted Lee Hyukjae then he disappeared for a while as the dancers did their part. After the dance break he reappeared looking really hot in a black jacket and shades.. kinda looked liked Min in SS2 DVD if you’ve watched that. So He sang Down and we were all singing along with him, ahah yeah we knew that song and sang along.. in fair view to Hyukkie, his solo was a surprise and it was a good one.. were so happy to watch him perform that since he did so in SS3 Japan. Though I think it might have been a replacement for Mimi’s absence but I don’t mind ^^. Hyukkie is amazing and his dancing skills were superb. I mean by heart.. he is worthy to be called Dance Machine^^~~

Then Sungmin was up next with the Min girls.. how can he get that flirty and seductive oh my god I have no idea how. So he danced seductively and I’m sure everyone wanted to one of the girls who were dancing with him. LOL he was so good at dancing and he was even signing along with the song. Yeah, he’s engrossed with his solo and I believe Mings got a super heart attack watching him dance so seductively~~. I do think his body wave should be illegal coz I died seeing that.. I really want to take him home and I do want to cover every little girl’s eyes coz I know there are like 12 years old attending SS3 Manila wahahah.

Out came Eunhyuk and it’s I wanna love you. Oh my how gorgeous hyuk looked~~ omo if you were there you’d probably devour that piece of anchovy whole wahahahh. And the girl entered and she was wearing red spaghetti strapped blouse and a super short shorts, her hair blow dried. Ok so they danced and I was like omo that girl!! I wann kill her I should be the one dancing with Hyuk. Ahaha then the girl run down her hands down Hyuk’s legs and omo how we screamed like hell.

Hae entered and more scream erupted. OMG HAE!! So he waqs wearing a black long sleeved shirt and looking way gorgeous for his own good. He was dancing and singig really well and I was waving my I wanna Love Hae banner^^ so there I was screaming like hell coz I love that song and Eunhae though I think my sis would kill me since EUnhae is her bias. THer voices were amazing and eventhough I hate the girl, she still danced well with Hyuk and Hae. I must say Hae is a really good dancer. SO Eunhyuk rapped towards the end and they were both in the center ring when the girl reappeared. Both Hae and Hyuk opened their shirts and yes fangirl screaming was heard, gorgeous faces + hot bodies, EUNHAE is DAEBAK wahahah.

Siwon sang next and he sang a 3rd wave song looking for the day. We sang along with it and I think Siwon loved it wahaha .. he said something in English and I recall God Bless You. How holy can Siwon get? Ang oh my God.. He is just perfect and sweet and if could have a chance to introduce him to my parents, they would be happy to have him as their son-in-law. Omo~~ So his voice was pretty amazing and his diction is really good cool English ~~ I think the ahjumma beside me, who was a siwonnest remember, screamed so wild seeing Siwon LOL.

After Siwon is Henry. A spotlight on the far end of the stage appeared and there he was skillfully playing the piano. The piano used was a black one and he was wearing a plain white shirt and pants. So he did play the slow intro of Baby and we were singing along with him and screaming for him. When he stood up and grabbed the mic, we saw him smile and smirk or a mix of both. And this time, we can see how happy he was to perform and feel accepted. 2 back up dancers came in wearing Red jackets and they handed Henry’s red and white Jacket, in other SS3, he was already wearing the jacket when he was playing the piano at the start, in manila, he wanted to give a show so he decided to that LOL. But one thing though, his hair at the wasn’t too polished ahahah.. I was thinking of bashing the stylist noona or something wahaha but hey Henry was a stunner

All throughout his solo, he was smiling and I just renewed my vow as a string seeing him perform so well. So we sang along all throughout the solo and yeah we were so loud and rocking araneta, Henry sure did enjoyed the warm welcome and acceptance. OMO Henry was really hot and he owned the stage btw. He danced well and he sang well and his voice and English (though it’s a given) was really good.. maybe I’ll get bashed saying this but Henry’s version is better than JB.. I mean it by heart.


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