*~* Video Parody *~* Bonamana (Kyuhyun get a twitter) Parody

i know one point in your lives you’ve watched this parody but not a lot of you knew i created it^^

Well the reason why i created this parody was.. it was just a random thought. I was planning to use the Shindong proposal issue but then while watching the intro of Bonamana MV, i just noticed Kyuhyun was the only one without a confirmed Twitter account.. and now the parody was born

Before you watch this i would like to share some few clarifications about  some of the  comments i received ^^

I’m so sorry for the wrong information.. Hangeng has no twitter account.. I’m very sorry for not verifying my facts.. thank you for understanding that…

And i used DoTA and not StarCraft for it matches the lyrics better ..

Credits: KyuhyunBiased@twitter for the username idea “myevilsmile”

sorry for the low quality… the higher quality was a little hard to upload.

Kyuhyun created his twitter around April and this was made around June, but his twitter was only verified around August (if i remember that correctly). So i don’t think this parody has ever made Kyu to get his twitter~~

Yeah  Kyuhyun has a twitter and i even made a no other parody to welcome him >> No Other (Twitter saga)

thank you for viewing, watching annd commenting ^^
because of that i have my first video honor:
Honors for this video (3) [June 14, 2010]

#67- Most Discussed (Today)) – Entertainment
#55 – Top Favorited (Today)) – Entertainment
#69 – Top Rated (Today)) – Entertainment
(june 19, 2010)
#95 – Most Discussed (This Week)) – Entertainment


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