it’s been a while..

my summer classes are dragging me down..

i’m tired.. and restless..

my classes for the coming semester are all majors…

another semester of sleepless nights and cramming…

moving on.. what i really want to write up is the turn my addiction took..

yup.. i’m into kpop..

well just suju, tohoshinki, girl’s generation, shinee and boA..

that’s what you get for watching too much channel [V]..

most of the songs are either kpop or chinpop..

me and my sisters dicovered the realms of kpop.. however.. jpop would still remain as a passion for me..

i was really glad to see MV from arashi and Kattun on Channel [V].. it’s nice to see their vids for a change.. however.. NewS and HSJ MVs are still too rare.. yet to be viewed.. most jpop vids are from ayumi hamasaki.. not that i hate her.. i just need some variations of the vids shown..


i’ll be waiting for NewS and HSJ MVs.. that would brighten up my day..


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