2-love angel again?!

Mayumi is Keiichi"s childhood sweetheart and seatmate since kindergarten. Keiichi is Yumi’s first love and kiss. The two are inseperable during kindergarten, middle school, junior and senior high school; where keiichi is, that’s where you’ll find Yumi. All this time, Yumi hoped that Keiichi also loved her her more than a friend, but in er heart, she doubted whether Keiichi will look her as a lover..

Mayumi is a budding artist and an advertising graduate from Meiji University. She works in Mayonaka Advertising as the Jr. design Team captain. She was assigned to do the promotion of mp3, Keiichi’s project. During the course of the project, she and mp3’s host, kouta became really closeand eventually got together as a couples. Just 3 years after they met, kouta proposed and Mayumi accepted. They decided to get married on the 25th of April of 2008.

Yumi: [to herself] Baka Keiichi! you ignorant fool.. how can youjust give me to kou-chan without a fight?

Yumi was thinking deeply as well.. she walked from keiichi’s place to the playground where they used to hangout.. she reminisced the times they spent together: careless and free

Yumi: [to herself] sigh… how can i be so stupid enough to believe that you loved me too.. from all the harsh thimngds you said.. to the ways you make me cry…

Yumi: [shouting] BAKA KEIICHI!!!!

Everyone stopped dead at their tracks as they were shocked by Yumi’s voice. She was in turn embarassed and started apologizing..

Yumi: [to everyone] i’m sorry.. i’m really sorry.. please excuse me..

Just as she was apologizing and bowing her head, a strong gust of wind came. Everyone froze except Yumi. As she raised her head, a whirlwind of red and blue smok appeared. she wanted to run but she was stunned and could’nt move. After the smoke cleared, a cute guy dressed in white shirt and denim pants stood and to her surprise, smiled at her.

boy: Konnichiwa! ore wa..

he was un able to finish his sentence.. he looked at yumi and waved his hands across her face.

Boy: daijoubu?!

Yumi: [to herself] am i dreaming?

Boy: [shouting] Yumi-chan!

Yumi: Hai!

She snapped out of the daze and carried out a conversation

Yumi: who… or… what.. the heck are you!?!?!

Boy: I’m , yoroshiku!

Yumi: eh eh.. kenji!?

Kenji: hai.. that’s me..

Yumi: of all names why choose something that rhymes with that baka Keiichi?

Kenji: I have no choice.. y mom named me Kenji..

Yumi: so why did you have to make such grand entrance? are you an actor or something? where are the cameras?

Kenji: You are mistaken, I’m not an actor.. i’m your

Yumi: love.. Angel?!

Kenji: yup! ready to help with your Webfetti.commatters.. especially with keiichi

Yumi: It’s a little too late.. i’ll be married tomorrow..

Kenji: please give me a chance.. onegai~

Yumi: huh?

Kenji insisted on helping, begging and bugging Yumi to her limits until she caved in..

Yumi: fine! i’ll give you a damn chance.. but will you unfroze them. it’s pretty creepy!

Kenji: oh yeah.. I forgot.. "relief" happy?


everyone finally moved and Yumi forced a sarcastic smile.

Yumi: Eh.. kenji-san.. you are a distant relative of mine ok..

Kenji: sure.. I’ll be your nephew from your cousin Yumiko

Yumi: oh yeah.. that’s great.. my nephew….

Kenji: well, shall we get going

Yumi: where?Kenji: your place! or do you want everyone to witness my..

Yumi: oh yeah..

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Kenji went to the kitchen to get somw water. yumi opend the paperbag Keiri gave her.

they both ate the cupcakes.. it was delicious..

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Keiichi opened the present Yumi gave.. inside was the invitation, a letter and a scrapbook

Keiri: ooh.. scrapbook.. how pretty!!

keiichi; Whatever..

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Kenji: so what exactly did you gave Keiichi

Yumi: how did you know I…

Kenji: Love angel..

Yumi: oh i forgot.. uhm letter

to be continued


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