1 – what.. love angel!?

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April 24, 2008

As I walk these streets, it reminded me of Mayumi, her long black hair, sweet and gentle smile, and those caring hands. The Sakura bloomed like before, covering the place in pink bliss… I recall how happy Yumi-chan when the wind gently blows and the Sakura falls gracefully as if dancing in the wind…


*Sigh* I’ll lose her forever.. and it’s all my fault


If I could just do something to correct things..

Keiichi is an average 25 year old bachelor. He graduated from the prestigious Tokyo University with a degree in Management. He is one of the most sought after Management graduates, with offers from top business groups, Meiji, Toyota and DoCoMo. He opts to be an assistant manager for entertainment of JTV and he was assigned to lead MP3, a music show featuring hot idols and their singles, something rarely given to young professionals. He was in his zone, music is part of his life; he plays the piano and has composed some songs himself. We could say, he has a well fulfilled life for his age, but here is something missing…

Success is an important aspect of our life, but when there is no one to share it with, it’s useless. What is missing in Keiichi’s life is his soul mate; love of his life.. Mayumi

It is spring time once again, the Sakura is blooming and lovers pile the parks to share this romantic scene, Families go out to celebrate this joyous occasion, friends gather to talk about anything under the sun. The streets are filled with laughter and loud chatters but Keiichi couldn’t hear them at all. Without him noticing, time stood still. He continued walking, thinking deeply, until he reached a certain spot. He looked up and was blinded by the sun. He looked around and he realized he was in the playground where he and Yumi-chan always meet up. It was nostalgic for him. Finally, he came to realized that time stood still: a Frisbee is frozen in mid air while a Golden Retriever is about to fetch it, people walking on the streets are dead in their tracks. Everywhere he looked, people are frozen still. He felt afraid and curious at the same time, he wanted to run. As he was about to do so, a strong breeze stopped him, a gentle tornado of purple, blue and pink smoke appeared before him and when the smoke finally cleared, a girl in orange mini dress with white blouse and matching boots waved at him.


Konnichiwa! Watashi…

She was unable to finish her sentence. She looked at Keiichi and waved her hands across his face.


Eh.. Daijoubu?!?!?

Keiichi was stunned. He blinked his eyes and scratched them. He was shocked.

Keiichi: [to himself]

Am I dreaming?

The girl shouted to catch Keiichi’s attention.



Keiichi snapped out of the trance and carried out the conversation


Ano.. Who or what the hell are you?


Konnichiwa! Watashi wa desu, yoroshiku onegaishimasu


Eh.. Keiri


Yup.. nice to meet you..


You might be wondering why did I appear out of the blue… right?

Keiichi nods his head


Well.. I’ll explain..

I am your Love Angel… Always ready to help with your heart matters…


Love angel?


Yup.. I’ll help you with Mayumi


Mayumi? Forget it… It’s too late… she’ll be married tomorrow.. and not with me


I know.. that’s why I am here..


What can you do?


Hey don’t you trust me?


Why would I? I don’t even know you!


I’m your..


Yeah I know but I don’t know you personally.


How can you help me?

Cupid’s arrow?


Are You challenging me?


What if I do?




That’s it.. Just ok?


It’s pointless arguing with you


What did you say?


It’s pointless.. that’s why yumi-chan left you!


What did you say?


You never hear anybody out.. you only hear what you want to hear… If you want Yumi-chan Back… you have to trust me on this


Fine.. let’s get this thing over with

The two went back to Keiichi’s apartment, Keiri taking two steps behind so as not to get attention.


And will you unfroze them.. it’s irritating


Oh yeah.. I forgot. Gomen.

Everyone hear me out… move again when I shout…. Ciao!

At that moment, everyone unfroze and began to move. Keiichi couldn’t believe his eyes


Whoa.. how can you do such things?


Ofcourse.. I’m…


Stop reminding me..




Oh.. before I forget.. you are a travelling cousin of mine Ok?



Before they knew it, they were at Keiichi’s place. Keiri wandered around to see the whole space. Keiichi went to his room to change. Keiri settled herself in the kitchen. she waved her hands in the air and twirl around. when she’s done, she was already wearing an apron

she then busied herelf preparing the oven and getting stuff aout of the pantry, when the dorr bell rang.

Keiichi: Could you get that for me?

Keir: sure! chotto matte..

Keiri placed all the stuff on the table and got the door. It was Mayumi

dressed in red.. she was holding a box. Yumi forced a smile to hide her shock upon seeing Keiri

Keiri: ah! yumi-chan

Yumi: ah.. hi1 is keiichi home?

Just then Keiichi went to see who is their guest.

Keiichi: Keiri, who’s at the door?

He was surprised to see yumi. The two stared at each other for quite sometime, keiri, sensing the atmosphere, broke the silence

Keiri: ano.. yumi-chan, come in.. have a seat

Yumi: i’ll come some other time, i don’t want to bother you two..

Keiri: No.. you’re not bothering..

Keiichi; she’s my cousin.. from

Keiri: konnichiwa! yumi-chan, i’m keiri, keiichi’s cousin from Kanagawa. Yoroshiku!

Yumi: ah.. nice to meet you too..

Keiichi: come in, have a seat..

Keiri; please do, i’m baking cupcakes today!

Yumi: arigatou!

Yumi entered and took a seat across Keiichi. Keiri on the other hand busied herself making cupcakes. There was a long silence. Finally Keiichi mastered the courage to speak up.

Keiichi: Keiri.. ano.. she’s visiting for a while

Yumi: souka!

just then Keiri went o the living room to chat

Yumi: ano.. Keiri-san

Keiri: Nani?

Yumi: Uou.. uhm..

Keiri: I’m Keiichi’s 3rd cousin.. pretty distant.. I’m here on vacation

Yumi: Vacation?

Keiri: Yup.. my mom is a Filipina, we migrated to the Philippines a couple of years ago. I’ve been studying there for quite sometime now.. and i have mastered Tagalog already..

Yumi: Isn’t this affecting your studies??

Keiri: It’s ok.. It’s our summer vacation..

Yumi: in April?!

Keiri: Yup,Summer in the Phils. is from March to May..

Yumi: i see..

Keiri: excuse me, i hae to check on my cupcakes..

Keiri left the two to talk Keiichi continued the conversation.

Keiichi: She’s talkative.. gomen

Yumi: It’s ok.. i l,ike her..

Keiichi: Yokatta!

Yumi: Keiichi-san.. about tomorrow..

Keiichi don’t worry about it..

Yumi: Yokatta!

Keiichi: you must be very glad..

Yumi: On the contrary.. i’m very nervous

Keiichi: You’ll be ok.. just remember to smile..
[to himself] what are you saying baka!!

Yumi: arigatou.. you always know how to ease my mind.. i’ll be leaving now

Keiichi: oh..ah.. pre-wedding stuff.. i understand..

Yumi: Keiichi-san, i want you to have this..

yumi handed theWebfetti.comTo Keiichi. She then said her good bye and was about to leave when keiri stopped her

Keiri: eh.. Leaving so soon?

Yumi: hai! I have things to do!

Keiri: oh.. i see.. here take this..

Keri handed the paper beg to yumi

Keiri: it’s the cupcakes i baked

Yumi: ah.. arigatou.. dia ne.

Keiri: Sayonara!



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