Finding myself

i was alone
waiting in the dark
afraid to move
an see the sparks
so i stay here in the corner
with the shadow on my own

In a lifetime
I’ll meet a lot of friends
but through time
only a few i can depend
who’ll know and accept
me for who i am

I have been waiting all my life
for someone to shed some light
upon this lonely heart of mine

someone who’ll be there through it all
someone who’s real and will take the fall
someone i can rely on

I am walking
on the edge of earth
I am searching
for my worth
in this world where
what’s important is your gold

Life cant wait in our world’s fast pace
and my fate
It’s uip to me to take the race
and find my true self
behind my mask

I have been searching all my life
for the me that i tried to hide
from the eyes of everyone

I’ve been gathering all my strength
and building up my confidence
coz’ now it’s my time to shine

All these years
I’ve been hiding my true self
My smile and tears
pave the way to my success
all my fears
i fought with no regrets
coz’ it’s my time to shine


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