i’ve been wondering if i’ll make an account in LJ.. well.. i’ve made up my mind.. took a bit of time…

Type your cut contents here.

it’s been 2 yrs since i decided to make a blog.. but i never seem to get to do it.. i wasted my time on watching videos.. on youtube and now on crunchyroll..

i’ve been addicted to jpop for quite some time now.. i guess Gokusen really gravitated me into the world of jpop, courtesy of Matsujun.. then music station came and opened another door.. known kattun, news and eventually hey say 7 and JUMP…

shonen club brightened my weekends with their hot performances and crazy antics.. love ’em jrs.

all in all..

i have my own little world..
my self revealed.. guess what..

it’s my real me..

it’s jhengchie!!


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